5 Sex Positions Blondes Absolutely Love

Let’s be honest, sex with blondes blows the mind and the system. Fucking a hot blonde detaches most men from the harsh working Joe reality. It transforms us into legends among friends and self. 

The fact is, sex with blondes is better. We know it, that’s why we are here. 

We are looking for blonde sex that’s explosive. But what if we bore our blonde hookup because we fuck as if we are “just happy to be there?”

Blondes get bored. Don’t bore her and she’ll want to fuck your brains out all the time.

Blondes Sex: Doggy Style Madness

In some circles, the doggy style position is old news. But when it comes to blondes, a 69 can really bring out the sexual insanity.

The doggy style position makes sure that your blonde understands you can be a boss. It can break up the monotony she may feel from you fucking her while she lays on her back. Let’s be honest, blonde sex is so damn good that when we are in a fuck buddy blonde relationship, we tend to forget to change things up because things are so good even when ordinary.

But competition for blondes is thick as thieves. You gotta break things up, make sure she doesn’t get bored with you. Otherwise, your blonde will flee for less ordinary guy pastures. 

blonde sexAnother benefit to blonde 69 is that you get more of that gorgeous blonde hair waving. It’s like an American flag that occasionally catches wind and waves freedom and glory over passerbyers of a monument. In this case, the monument is your dick perched inside a beautiful majestic blonde.

69 Blonde Delight

When you 69 a true blonde, the carpet will indeed, match the rug. That is, if there is any carpet at all. The fact is, many blondes choose to go with landing strips as a negotation between full bush and sleek. Although you shouldn’t expect the carpet to totally match the rug, you can expect substantially lighter tones.

But enough about that, a blonde in a 69 position is a blonde that’s happy as hell. Not only does she feel the power of driving you nuts with her blowjob, but you’re reciprocating the pleasure in fast order. 

Even suggesting a 69, consequently, signals to a blonde that you are a real man that cares about how she feels. 

Pro-tip: The blonde 69 sex position can be a gateway to threesomes. I’ve had a many threesomes occur right after a 69 went down. I don’t have any science to support why, but anecdotally, that’s the goods. 

Bend a Blonde Over The Kitchen Table Sex

Do you know how to make dinner 100 times better? Lock in the memory of fucking a blonde bent over the very place your plate rest. Seriously, it can do wonders for even the vilest of dinners. 

Blondes are highly sought after. They get bored. Men gravel to have sex with blondes. Blondes understand they are considered hookup gold. So they understand they have a load of options. And if you aren’t getting adventurous with the sex life, she’s going to flee.

Girls in general love fantasy. And dinner table sex opens up a wealth of fun and sexy narratives.

For example, tell her to play the role of a housewife. You’ve come home and your dinner is cold. You slide the plate over and position her over the table. Make sure she can feel your dick slide across her thigh after it falls out of your jeans. 

Another example is the babysitter play. You come home, she helps you put the kids to bed, and then you walk her downstairs to the dinner table. You tell her you will pay a little extra if she’d like to stay longer. When she agrees, you explain that you have a long-standing blonde babysitter sex fantasy.

Blonde On Her Knees For Submissive Fantasy

When we fantasize about blonde hookups, we often envision ourselves as the desperate working-class Joe that’s getting super lucky.

But that desperation turns to domination when your hot blonde hookup hits her knees. 

Here’s the blonde blowjob trick that no one’s telling you.

Blondes dominate by nature of their hotness. So they don’t exactly expect to have to swallow your cum to get recognition. Most of you would jerk off to a blonde that flashed her cleavage towards you in a motel room. 

But blondes also love power. And the blowjob can be a power play for your blonde hookup. So approach the blonde as if you’re still desperate for her touch and that the blowjob is your ultimate fantasy. 

Throughout the blowjob, let her know how lucky you are and how amazing her technique is. 

Missionary Wishionary Blonde Sex

Boring, maybe. But sex with any blonde hookup is going to be awesome in any position. Don’t take a pass on blonde missionary sex. 

Anytime you are with a girl that’s as hot as blondes are, you can’t go wrong with a little traditional flavor. 

In the end, having sex with blondes is the ultimate sex experience. That’s why you’re browsing a blonde adult dating website, right?

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