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How To Date Sexy Blondes Without Pissing Them Off

Make no mistake about it, blonde dating is a complicated world. Men tend to gravel for a blonde’s attention, and that graveling doesn’t stop at online dating sites. Yes, blondes are overloaded with DMs and inbox messages on hookup sites, dating sites, and even social media. Every man at one point or another has wanted…

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24 Smoking Hot Sara Cardona Photos That Will Leave You Breathless

sara cardona pictures

Gainesville, Florida CBS 4 reporter Sara Cardona is one of the world’s sexiest blondes alive. Sara’s Instagram is essentially a pictorial documentary of furious sexiness that is rarely rivaled. Believe me, when Sara Cardona’s reporting, we’re watching. Because it’s impossible to turn your head away. This Colombian beauty reports not only for CBS 4, but…

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Sofia Richie Goes Blonde and It’s Sexy As Hell (See For Yourself)

sofia richie blonde

Michael Kors and Chanel model Sofia Richie clearly believes that blondes have more fun. At least, if we are going by her latest “do.” Richie, who is dating Scott Disick, showed off her new blonde goods on Instagram in a series of new posts. The daughter of Lionel Richie, Sofia’s hair has typically remained hazel/brown.…

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The Most Mind blowing Blonde Sex Videos of 2019

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When it comes to blonde sex videos, let’s just say that I’m a bit of a connoisseur. When I’m not reeling in girls on Blonde Hookup, I’m scouring the web to get my sexy blonde fill. There’s nothing like a little blonde sex fantasy to get your engine revved up and ready for a hookup.…

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5 Sex Positions Blondes Absolutely Love

hot blonde sex

Let’s be honest, sex with blondes blows the mind and the system. Fucking a hot blonde detaches most men from the harsh working Joe reality. It transforms us into legends among friends and self.  The fact is, sex with blondes is better. We know it, that’s why we are here.  We are looking for blonde…

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Why Blondes Drive Us Mad And We Can’t Get Enough

Two weeks ago, I was in Ralphs buying avocados. I was squeezing and prodding for firmness. I looked for any sign of bright green that indicated unripeness. I’ve had unripe avocados, it is nothing but kitchen trouble. But at that moment, mid-squeeze, a gorgeous natural blonde slowed up with her cart near the peaches.  I…

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How To Hookup With Blondes On The Regular

blonde dating tips

A decade ago, I was a desperate man. I had some hookups on my iPhone speed dial, but none of them were exactly what I desired and fantasized about. My fuck buddy lineup included Latina girls, redheads, and even some curvy chubby packages.  Life was good.  But something was missing. Something haunted my nightly fantasies.…

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