How To Date Sexy Blondes Without Pissing Them Off

Make no mistake about it, blonde dating is a complicated world. Men tend to gravel for a blonde’s attention, and that graveling doesn’t stop at online dating sites. Yes, blondes are overloaded with DMs and inbox messages on hookup sites, dating sites, and even social media. Every man at one point or another has wanted to date a blonde.

But blondes have high stock value and they know it. So you can’t bring your C or B game and expect to land a date, or moreover, hook up.

Blonde Dating Tips

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If you truly want to date a blonde, you’re going to need to ramp up your game. The same crap that worked for other girls isn’t going to work for a sexy blonde. You’ll need to have a plan and stick to it. Here are some blonde dating tips that can win you the affection you so desire.

Don’t Treat Her ‘Airheaded’

Blondes have a reputation for being a bit ‘airheaded,’ but the science simply doesn’t support any of this. The dumb blonde stereotype couldn’t be further from reality, according to a study that sampled over 10,000 women. The study determined that blondes are equally intelligent to all of their counterparts, including brunettes.

But that doesn’t stop such stereotypes from negatively effecting blondes. They get consistently treated like lesser intelligent beings. This causes them to become hypersensitive to offensive comments.

So whatever you do, don’t treat a blonde as if she’s dumb, or you’ll quickly be tossed to the curb. When she talks, listen. Never assume she ‘doesn’t understand’ the subject you’re talking about. The fact is, she probably understands the things your ranting about more than you do.

You only get one chance to impress, don’t blow it by breaking this simple rule.

Be Casual, But Fun

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Blondes are more fun. Again, that’s backed by legit science.

So no blonde wants to date your uptight ways. So loosen up and try to have a little fun. No one’s asking you to plan your first date as a skydiving event (but hey, you might be on to something). Instead, just make sure the first date setting is energetic and interesting. If you want to have sex with a blonde, you’ll need to be on your A-game which means wearing your fun pants.

Most blondes don’t want you to show up in a suit on date uno. They are looking for a casual experience so that they can quickly figure out if you’re worth their time. Have a fun spirit about you, make sure you include her in the conversation by asking about her, and keep things light. No talking politics, you’ll quickly sour the situation even when she agrees with you. Negativity breeds negativity!

Don’t Come Off Blonde Obsessed

Blondes have enough online stalkers, don’t set off any triggers that you might be one yourself. You need her to understand that you like her for her. This means focusing on how funny she is and how great her personality is. Avoid saying things like “I only date blondes” or “blondes really are more fun.” While it might sound like a compliment, it more likely just makes you seem creepy.

She doesn’t need to think you searched “blondes” on the hookup site you met her on. That will make her feel like a piece of furniture. Don’t objectify, instead, impress her by how much you like her for her.

Your blonde dating obsession secret is safe with us but detrimental in concern with her.

Ask Her About Her (not just looks)

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Don’t just hone in on how hot she is. Of course, she knows how you feel about her looks, you slid into her DMs like a mouse under a loose baseboard. You don’t need to ramble on and on about it. In fact, that will likely make you seem a bit shallow. And as we’ve discussed, blondes are pretty smart, so that’s not your safest play if you want to land in bed with her.

Ask her about her job, what she enjoys doing in her free time, and places she’d love to visit someday. Just talking about her looks feels stalkerish and she probably has enough of that to deal with. There’s nothing wrong with a timely compliment over her sexy blonde looks here and there, but choose your times for this wisely. She gets enough of that all day in her Instagram comments and DMs. Be different.

In the end, dating a blonde isn’t simple, but it’s also easy to avoid making dumb mistakes. If you make sure to follow my blonde dating tips advice, you’ll increase your odds of scoring. Don’t fall victim to the blonde dating trap that so many men before you have fallen prey to. You gotta work if you want to end up in bed with a sexy blonde. Things don’t come easy.