How To Hookup With Blondes On The Regular

A decade ago, I was a desperate man. I had some hookups on my iPhone speed dial, but none of them were exactly what I desired and fantasized about. My fuck buddy lineup included Latina girls, redheads, and even some curvy chubby packages. 

Life was good. 

But something was missing.

Something haunted my nightly fantasies.

It was blondes.

I had no blonde hookups. No blonde sex.

I found myself laying in bed at night while jerking off to the blonde girl that lived across the way from me. I’d often see her at our local Starbucks. I’d say hi. We recognized one another but hardly spoke. She was a furiously sexy blonde. Her body was mind-numbing to the male eye. 

On more than one occasion, the Starbucks barista simply comped her white mocha latte. She always got extra pumps (pun intended). 

I knew only one thing about this blonde, she’d be an impossible hookup. The entire world catered to her needs. Every male she encountered during the day wanted to fuck her. She served as the center of every male fuck fantasy.

I was just another guy that had I gotten over my fear of blondes, would have crashed and burned into a pile of smoldering rejection ashes. 

Then it all changed.

One night, before my typical neighbor blonde jerk off session, I ended up watching this motivational video on Youtube. It was this guy yelling towards the camera to “get off your ass, do something that matters.”

The video went on for ten grueling, yet motivating, minutes. It made me want to pushups. It made me want to sprint a mile. And it made me want to finally fuck a blonde.

While this video was intended to motivate people to improve their work lives and achieve their dreams, it made me want to finally conquer my sexual demons.

I’d never fucked a blonde. Rather than do pushups or put on running shoes, I decided to harness my newly filled motivation fuel tank by going after what I’ve always wanted: To have sex with a smoke show blonde.

You all can keep your raises and fancy titles and shitty Boxter Porches, all I wanted was a hot blonde hookup.

And now, I was willing to put in all the energy I had into making it happen. 

You probably think this ends with me fucking my neighbor blonde. Well, hint, it does not. After doing some research here on Blonde Hookups, I realized that my lack of aggressiveness in asking her out for over a year had painted me weak. 

To her, I was not confident, therefore, unworthy of her blonde pussy.

My Blonde Sex Fantasy Starts On a Hookup Site

blonde sex hookupMy motivation in full swing, I decided to take the leap into a blonde sex hookup site. This was before got so big. Back when I was prowling for blonde sex, things were much, much harder.

I created a profile, they asked me only a few meaningless questions, and I was off to the races as a fake name. Everyone, including the blondes lurking for discreet sex encounters, was anonymous. But security measures weren’t great back then.

Right when I got on, the spam onslaught began. With no security measures like Blonde Hookup uses, I had to combat a lot of junk. Then, you weren’t really sure if anyone’s profile was real. I scored two early sex encounters, but these two girls didn’t really have blonde hair. They looked nothing like their profile pictures. But eventually, I made a break. I met a girl named Jessica Gaggit.

The name indicated fake, but I was turned on by the profile so I allowed it to entertain me.

After a few messages, Jessica wanted to meet up. I suggested a cafe. She made fun of me and told me I should go back to Plenty of Fish. I was unwavering following the two letdowns prior.

I parked at Starbucks primarily expecting a no-show. Beyond that, I held out for the possibility of a 50-year-old.

Instead, a knockout blonde haired girl that looked as if she was shipped straight from California walked in. She gave me a look and ordered. I’d shown her my picture, so she knew who I was. But this was the first I’d seen this sexy blonde in a desert of mundane. I was hoping her not a mirage.

She walked over to me.

“So you’re Rick. Don’t talk too loud, I don’t want anyone to think anything of us. That’s why I didn’t want to meet at a public place like this. But you seem legit, so I’m going to trust you to be discreet.”

As it turned out, Jessica was married. She asked that I pretend to be a life insurance agent if anyone got within ear range.

“Are you satisfied? I’m real. Can we meet somewhere else? Preferably a motel.”

It was as if a landslide of adrenaline and semen filled my body. I felt like a fuck machine that’s energy had been underused. Suddenly, it was jackpot. Without warning, I was about to have the best blonde sex of my life.

As I drove, I worried that this was some odd scam. She allowed me to pick the Days Inn. But maybe she wouldn’t show? Maybe she was secretly filming me? Maybe she’d rob me right when we walk into the room?

I had no money, she’d get nothing, but I still felt insecure.

blonde sex in motelWhen I arrived, Jessica was waiting inside her car. She motioned me to her window, so I approached on foot. She cracked the window.

“Check in. I’ll watch which room you enter. You’ll hear a knock five minutes following. You’ll pretend I’m a hooker. But you won’t really pay me. I want you to fold up a paper and write “for you” on it. Slide into my hand when I enter.”

To this day, that’s the hardest my dick has ever been. And even though I considered every remote bad outcome, I was too enthralled and sexually charged to care.

I checked in and got my room keys. As I walked up the outward-facing steps, I didn’t look at Jessica in her car. But I walked slow, fearing she’d miss the door I open.

I got into the room. It smelled exactly like a Days Inn smells, no surprises. I took a nervous pee which took longer than expected due to a hard dick. I washed my face. I paced. I sat on the bed. I paced. I clock-watched. I touched my dick.

Probably at the five-minute mark, I heard heels slowing clonking on the outside walkway. They got close. Then closer.

“Clonk, Clonk, CLONK”

A brief three seconds passed, then two gentle, yet firm, knocks to the door.

I opened the door, Jessica was now sporting a tight black dress and red heels. Her blonde hair was down and sexy as hell.

I let her in, slipped her the envelope, she leaned against the desk. The room was dark, the blinds closed, but Jessica’s blonde hair and perfect natural tits lit up the room.

“What do you want to do? You paid the full two hour rate.”

One part of me wanted to tell her everything I was thinking, the other part of me was completely afraid. This blonde hooker fantasy was beyond my life experiences. But I had to get it together.

“I want to have sex with you.”

Jessica flicked her blonde hair over her shoulder. She tilted her head and huffed.

“That’s not what you want. You have a hot blonde on the clock. Think of everything you’ve ever jerked off to and start confiding in me.”

My dick was stonehenge, erect and unmovable. Just twisting my hips made me want to cum. But I knew I had to pull through, I wanted the cum inside of this blonde, not messing up my underwear.

“I want you to lay on the bed. I want you naked. I want to start out by fucking your mouth from the top. Then I want to slide it down into your tits and finish by cumming on your chin. After that, I want to eat you out until my dick is hard again and then I want to deliver an anal experience.”

Jessica seemed unfazed.

“I’ll get started, I enjoy my job that’s pleasing you.”

She removed her black dress by pulling it over her head. Her body was small and tight. No matter how much I looked for something wrong, things developed more right. Her tits were fantastic, not overly large, but not super small. Jessica seemed around 25, but I cared little to ask.

When she laid on the bed, she said, “fuck my whore blonde mouth.” She then opened her mouth and slightly slid her tongue out.

I removed my shirt and then my pants. I was impressed by my own hardon. I climbed on top of her and felt a rush when I could see her eyes assessing my dick size.

“I hope I can handle this. May I lick it first before it goes down my throat, sir?”

As she began to use her tongue to wet my dick, my eyes rolled into the back shaft of my head. I kept looking down at flowing blonde hair and the most beautiful face I’d ever seen in complete slut-mode. I was as in shock as I was on the verge of blowing my load on her face. I imagined all my cum dripping from her blonde hair. Some parts of me felt terrible because Jessica was such a stunner and I was treating her like my blonde sex slave.

I started by slowly penetrating her mouth. But soon, I was hardcore face fucking her. She placed her hands on my hips to attempt to guide and stabilize, I was just so horny that I was out of control. I pulled out for a second, she said, “just finish in my mouth, I think you were being shy.”

She was right. I re-inserted into her mouth, I gripped her blonde hair pigtail style and rammed her mouth with my cock over and over. When I finally neared the end, I yelled, “I’m going to cum in your mouth, don’t move.”

Jessica’s eyes got huge. As I came, I moaned loudly. When I pulled out, Jessica smiled and showed me all the cum in her mouth. It looked like milk just pouring out.

“Most of it is in my throat, I can feel it draining. You were great.”

Jessica stuck around for some additional anal. The blonde hookup between Jessica and I remains one of the great ones, but that might be because it was so new. Nowadays, I see a lot of blonde hookups on the regular thanks to this site. And moreover, I wish you all the same luck as I’ve had!

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