Why Blondes Drive Us Mad And We Can’t Get Enough

Two weeks ago, I was in Ralphs buying avocados. I was squeezing and prodding for firmness. I looked for any sign of bright green that indicated unripeness. I’ve had unripe avocados, it is nothing but kitchen trouble.

But at that moment, mid-squeeze, a gorgeous natural blonde slowed up with her cart near the peaches. 

I froze.

Immediately, the thought of trying to cut up a hard avocado was replaced with blonde hookup serenity. 

She was business casual, with high clunking heels that wound straps up her toned calves. Her hair was natural and straight and captivated with its body every time her head shifted during the peach inspection.

She knew I was looking at her even though her eyes never met mine. She knew because she’s used to losers like me gazing over her.

It felt like 100’s of blonde sex fantasies cluttered my mind. My dick hardly knew which fantasy made it hard. I was in overdrive. 

Another blonde had driven me mad and probably would later be the cause of a really bad avocado salad. 

There have been many instances of blondes driving me mad. Blonde hookups are something I fantasize about numerous times throughout the day. That’s why I’m a member and writer for the web’s top blonde hookup dating site (um, the one your reading now).

This time, however, while standing in Ralph’s produce section, I wanted to gain clarity into why blonde hookups are so much better. So I conducted an internal investigation later that evening while having a glass of pinot noir and a chewy avocado salad.

Here’s what I came up with:

Science Says Men Lust More For Blondes

The science is in and it’s clear, men prefer blondes. And it isn’t as shallow as you might think it to be. A 2016 study showed that blonde hair offers cues the desired relationship and better mothering skills. I’m sure you’re not thinking all of that, but you know, science is science.

Look, you’re own a blonde hookup site not because you need convincing that blondes are better, but it never hurts to feel validated.

Blonde Hookup Fantasy Derives From Mainstream Media

I don’t admit that I’m a slave to television. But I’m a slave to television. And for years, TV productions have pushed blondes as the number one guy fantasy there is.

Since the days of Marilyn Monroe, through the 1980’s Baywatch days, careening into the Charlize Theron in Max Max, blondes have littered our TVs as ultimate sex symbols.

It has inspired a generation of men that seek out the ultimate blonde hookup fantasy. 

Guys check the “blonde” box on dating site “wants” in mass. Because we all want to hookup with a blonde stunner. That’s just being a man. We want the blonde fantasy we’ve seen on the screen.

But the problem is, lots of girls understand the male blonde sex fantasy infatuation. Therefore, they know their leverage. When hot blondes know how much power they yield, it makes hooking up with them a much tougher prospect. And that, in and of itself, means less supply that creates more demand.

All men want what they can’t have. And hot blondes know just how much we all want them.

Blondes Are Often Imitated, Which Fuels More Fantasy

If you walk the streets of any midwestern city, you’ll think blondes are the only type there is. That’s because lots of girls get their hair done as blonde. 

Go to a strip club, you’ll see blonde hair swinging all over the poles. Some are wigs. Some are dye. No matter how it happened, blonde imitation is as high as ever. 

And that leads men to want a blonde hookup even more. Imitation is often flattery, but it’s also a turn on.

Sexy Blondes Are More Energetic

Blondes are a confident bunch in the local hookup scene. A lot of that is because we men prop them up as hookup gold.

Because, they are.

But all that confidence translates directly into the bedroom. Blondes are confident in bed. They are aggressive and powerful in the sack. 

A blonde hookup can change your life as a man. Believe that.

Blondes Often Look Younger

men prefer blondes sexuallyLet’s go back to Ralph’s produce section, shall we?

The blonde that ruined my avocado dinner selection was probably over 40, but her glowing blonde hair made her seem more like 30. 

Blonde hair is the best anti-aging solution on earth. If you want to look young, get some blonde hair and you’ll lose a decade. Add on some sunkissed skin (not leather tanned skin) and you can subtract another ten years.

Blonde Hookups Are Aggressive In Bed

The only girls who have ever fucked my brains completely out of my head have been blondes. Blonde hookups are so sexually charged that they intimidate most guys.

Believe me, I’ve had my share of brunettes and redhead hookups, but they don’t compare to blonde hookups. 

A one night stand with a blonde can cause a heart attack if you aren’t careful.


Blondes drive us mad because mainstream TV shows push the narrative. As boys, we grow up to appreciate and glorify the sexy blonde girl. We eventually fantasize it to a point that we can never really totally satisfy our need.

But we try and that’s what Blonde Hookup is for.

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